Our Benefits

Flexible workout schedules

Our live classes are eight times a day so you can choose a time that suits you.

Nutritional Advice

Tasty recipes and meal plans designed to help you with your fitness goals.

Motivation and Support

Connect with other liked mind plus sized women on our private facebook and whatsaap groups for the added support you need.

Our Class Times

Early Risers

7am – 8am
8am- 9am

For those of you who like to get up an get active, the early risers workouts are the perfect excuse to forgo that snooze button and get a good workout in before you start your day.


12pm – 1 pm

Working from home definitely has it’s benefits; aside from working in your in bed, you can also enjoy our mid day movers workouts during your lunch break before jumping back in your bed to keep working.

9-5 Grinders

7pm- 8pm

For the workaholics who fancy a little overtime, our workouts are designed to relieve some of that work related stress, whilst providing a few endorphins to boost your mood and get you ready for the evening.


8pm - 9pm

Swap out that glass of wine you normally take to end your day for your workout gear and a bottle of water so you burn off those calories with our night owl workout before bedtime.

About Gemma

I started this gym to provide a safe space for plus sized women who can workout without the fear of being fat-shamed. My aim is to create a movement for women’s body image and accessibility to physical fitness. The sole purpose of our gym is to change perceptions; attitudes and lifestyles by creating a safe space where the plus sized community can step out from the side lines and begin to live a life of no limits.